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QThread inherits QObject.It emits signals to indicate that the thread started or finished executing, and provides a few slots as well. More interesting is that QObjects can be used in multiple threads, emit signals that invoke slots in other threads, and post events to objects that "live" in other threads.

user interface - Qt signaling across threads, one is GUI ... What does it mean to move a object from one thread to another in Qt using moveToThread? Everything seems to work even before using moveToThread, which moves the object from one thread (GUI thread) to a another thread ( worked) and Qt:connect calls the appropriate slot on object. logmessage from another thread to the mainwindow slot | Qt ... m_window3 to another thread after calling connect()? In that case, it may not work. belive this is what it is. mainwindow logMessage is a private member but guess i will have to make it public to access it from the other thread object. create a connect in the T_editor class that connects the signal logmessage with slot of mainwindow slot. How to execute a functor or a lambda in a given thread in ... How to execute a functor or a lambda in a given thread in Qt, GCD-style? ... If you add the flag qobject::queuedConneciton to the connect then it will que the slot call in the event loop. You can easily thread a signal as well, but this will automatically be a queuedConnection.

Sep 11, 2018 ... To emit the signal, we'll only call the function with the addition of appending emit , i.e.: ... Furthermore, slots is another macro declared to do nothing, but in .... between the threads are queued up on each respective event loop.

Qt 4.4: Thread Support in Qt | Документация Qt provides thread support in the form of platform-independent threading classes, a thread-safe way of posting events, and signal-slot connections across threads.Earlier versions of Qt offered an option to build the library without thread support. Since Qt 4.0, threads are always enabled.

Multithreading Technologies in Qt | Qt 5.12

You’re doing it wrong…(QThread with SIGNAL-SLOT) - Keep ... Subclassing QThread used to be the only way to create a thread with Qt till Qt 4.3 Subclassing QThread is still a good way to create a thread. Subclassing QThread is still the only way to create a thread if no running event loop is wanted in the new thread.

May 13, 2015 ... Yes, I'm pretty sure Qt calls the slot function directly within the same thread - even before returning from the emit() call, in fact. So that would ...

A BlockingQueuedConnection can be useful to do thread communication when you want to invoke a function in another thread and wait for the answer before it is finished. However, it must be done with care. Qt: Access GUI From Another Thread? - Allegro

Главное требование: Qt'шный объект должен принадлежать Qt'шному потоку (для виджетов тут все просто — они всегда находятся в главном Qt-потоке).Текущий поток продолжает работать дальше не замедлительно, а слот setVisible у виджета вызовется уже в рамках главного потока.

cgvis - the IT thing. // Qt way QObject::connect (obj1, Signal (changedState (bla::State)), this, SLOT (onChangedState (bla::State))) // Boost way obj1->changedState()->connect (boost::bind (MyClass::onChangedState, this, _1)); Genode - Release notes for the Genode OS Framework 13.08